What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal wire fabrics

There are many types of clothing fabrics, and metal wire fabric is one of them. Many people think how to wear the fabric made of metal wire. In fact, the metal content of metal wire fabric is very small, and more of it is some other substances. Next, I will bring you "What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal wire fabrics".

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What is metal wire fabric
Metal wire fabrics contain a lot of substances, which are difficult to find in the market. The main components include nylon cotton, nylon polyester, polyester cotton and metal wire. The metal wire content is generally about 5%. Metal wire fabric is a technological component. High-quality clothing fabrics, metal wire fabrics refer to a kind of high-grade fabrics formed by metal wire-drawing processing into metal fibers and implanted in the clothing. In the overall fabric, metal wires account for about 3% to 8%, generally at the same technical level. The higher the proportion of metal wire, the more expensive it is. Because of the implanted metal wire, the overall color of the fabric is bright and bright. If there is metal light, it can reflect the unique luster of metal.

The advantages of metal wire clothing fabrics
Advantages: We all know that metal has strong plasticity, and metal wire fabrics have the men shorts set same effect. The surface of metal wire fabrics has metallic luster, faintly flickering, and changes with the change of light source. Metal filaments have special stiffness and variable bending, so the fabric has a special variable shape memory wrinkle effect. The fabric has functional effects mens sweatpants of health concepts such as anti-radiation and anti-static. Metal wire fabrics are currently the most popular functional fabrics with natural memory folds and men shorts set antistatic properties.

Disadvantages of metal wire men's hoodie clothing fabrics
Disadvantages: Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and metal wire fabrics are no T-shirt exception. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the metal fibers are relatively thin and easy to break. Do not scrub hard, and do not wring and dry after washing. The fabric cannot be rubbed, the shielding value will decrease after a long time of use, and it is easy to destroy its effect by rubbing and folding. Its heat resistance should be considered when washing, so do not use too high water temperature, and do not use detergents or washing powders containing bleaching ingredients to avoid fading.

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